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    Globally civil unrest has reached cataclysmic heights, economic uncertainty and political frustration has seen a rise in radical factions. In the UK criminal elements have increased the targeting of high net individuals and recently the terrorism threat has been upgraded to severe.


    It is the mission objective of Incognito Security to provide Close Protection, Intelligence & Threat limitation through bespoke mitigation to counteract dynamic risk and maximise the safeguarding of our clientele.


    Incognito Security Close Protection Operators provide physical security and consultancy for the highest echelons within the industry. This is achieved through stringent planning, preparation and execution of each task, always seeking to minimalise risk across the broad spectrum of threats facing people and property.


    Close Protection Operatives

    Through the operations Centre situated close to Heathrow Airport and in close proximity London, Incognito Security can deploy a rapid reaction team tailored to your individual specifications world-wide Incognito Security operators have previously executed tasks in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


    All close protection operatives of INCOGNITO SECURITY are screened and selected for their high levels of problem solving, discreetness, methodical approach and adhering to the company ethics of being dynamic in adversity.


    Incognito Security utilizes only the highest caliber of operators whom have experience in physical safe guarding and security project management across a wide array of professional demographics including;


    World renowned musicians and actors

    Elite sports athletes

    Foreign Dignitaries

    Ultra-high net business people

    Legal professionals

    Incognito Security ensures all our operatives are vetted and accredited, providing legally licensed security at peak physical fitness and with cutting-edge tactical acumen.Close Protection capability


    Depending on your needs Incognito can provide a Lone Operator or Close Protection Team mobilised rapidly. If UK based Incognito Security can provide and integrate security vehicles into your project.


    Residential Security Team

    A physical presence is the best line of defence against a residential intruder. Should you require the safeguarding of your estate, Incognito Security can supply 24hr security with direct communications to our operations centre. All clients will be given a free home security survey, with recommendations and findings being compiled into a report.


    Security Medic

    If a client has health issues or concerns Incognito Security can deploy an operator with advanced medic qualifications equipped with defibrillator and medical tactical bag. To maintain optimum level of professionalism all Close Protection Operatives will conduct numerous refresher days and training packages to ensure the continual maintenance of the highest service levels of Close Protection Operator at our client’s disposal.

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