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    K9 Security Services

    A well-trained security dog team can be the ultimate deterrent and cost effective. K9 teams are often used on and most effective include:

    • Industrial units
    • Building sites
    • Perimeter patrols
    • Special events
    • Close protection team support unit
    • Celebrity protection support unit
    • Mobile patrols

    Local Authority contracts (street patrols, open spaces, parks, and all council properties vulnerable to vandalism). This list is not a comprehensive one, and there are very few places that a security dog team cannot be used effectively. Incognito Security operate an effective search dog unit that offers the following services:

    • Explosive/weapons detection
    • Drug/weapons detection (passive/proactive capability)
    • Explosive/Firearms dogs

    Dogs would be used where the threat of serious crime or terrorism is considered a possibility, these dogs are a highly effective tool in the fight against serious crime.


    Typically, they could be used to search and make secure the following:

    • Vehicle searches
    • Venues
    • Airports
    • Ports / points of access to the UK
    • Containers
    • Stadiums

    Drug and weapons dogs can be used in a variety of places where there is a real threat, Passive dogs could be used to search a line of people waiting to enter a club, or venue, and have been used very effectively in schools in the home counties.


    They would indicate the presence of narcotics/weapons on people or bags, by sitting in front of article/person and allowing your search procedures to be activated.


    Pro-active dogs can be used to search venues/open areas/vehicles. They would indicate by barking at areas where narcotics or weapons are hidden. Canine security teams are placed to ensure client objectives are met and is fully supported by the management team in the office. For more information or testimonies please contact the office:

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